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Bheki Cele Faces Calls for Resignation Amid Ethics Code Breach

Bheki Cele

Activist Ian Cameron Urges Apology with Resignation

Community policing activist Ian Cameron has suggested that Police Minister Bheki Cele should accompany his apology for breaching the Ethics Code for Members of the House with a resignation. Cameron, the director of Action Society, and Cele engaged in a heated exchange during a crime imbizo in Gugulethu last year, prompting charges and an investigation.

Background of the Incident

The incident involved Cele shouting at Cameron to “shut up” and sit down during the imbizo. Video footage presented to the Joint Ethics Committee showed Cele’s irate behavior. The committee found that Cele breached the Ethics Code and recommended an apology in the House for his conduct.

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Cameron’s Response

Cameron welcomed the apology recommendation but insisted that it would only be meaningful if accompanied by Cele’s resignation. He accused Cele of having “blood on his hands” and disrupting the South African Police Service (SAPS).

Committee’s Findings

The committee found Cele in violation of item read with 4.1.5 of the Ethics Code, emphasizing the breach’s impact on public confidence in Parliament’s integrity. The recommendation for a public apology in the House followed these findings.

DA’s Stance

The Democratic Alliance (DA) echoed the call for Cele to apologize publicly to Cameron and emphasized the minister’s overall negative impact on the South African Police Service. The DA criticized the cabinet for incompetence and called for a change in leadership.

Despite calls for resignation, Cele’s spokesperson remained silent on the matter. The controversy adds to the challenges facing Cele’s tenure as Police Minister.

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