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Morocco Earthquake Update on Casualty Figures and Response Efforts

Morocco Earthquake Update on Casualty Figures and Response Efforts Latest News

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that shook several provinces and prefectures in Morocco on September 8, the Ministry of the Interior has released updated figures on the number of casualties and the injured. As of 1:00 PM, the death toll stands at 2,901, with 5,530 individuals reported injured.

Detailed Breakdown of the Casualties in Morocco

The province of Al Haouz bore the brunt of the disaster, accounting for 1,643 of the fatalities. The ministry noted that there have been no new deaths reported in the other affected areas. It was also reported that 2,884 of the deceased have already been laid to rest.

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Ongoing Rescue and Rehabilitation Efforts

Public authorities are tirelessly working to manage the aftermath of this tragic event. Efforts are underway to rescue and evacuate those affected, provide medical care to the injured, and clear the damaged roads to restore connectivity in the affected regions. The government is mobilizing all necessary resources to adeptly manage the repercussions of this tragedy.

“Public authorities continue their efforts to rescue, evacuate, and care for the injured, as well as to clear the damaged roads following the earthquake. They are also mobilizing all necessary resources to manage the consequences of this painful tragedy,” the Ministry of the Interior stated.

As the nation grapples with this painful episode, the focus remains on the humanitarian response, with authorities working round the clock to ensure the safety and well-being of the Moroccan populace. The global community watches on, offering condolences and support, as Morocco navigates this period of national grief and recovery.

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