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Trevor Noah Reflects on His Time as Host of The Daily Show

Trevor Noah Reflects on His Time as Host of The Daily Show

South African comedian and former host of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah, recently shared insights into his seven-year tenure as the show’s host during an interview with Clement Manyathela on Radio 702. In a candid conversation, Noah discussed the challenges he faced, the doubts surrounding his appointment, and his plans for the future, including his current South African comedy tour and a new podcast.

The Journey of Trevor Noah: From Struggles to Success

Noah’s journey as the host of “The Daily Show” was marked by both triumphs and tribulations. He acknowledged that the road to success was not without its hurdles, emphasizing that it wasn’t eight years of constant success. Instead, there were initial years of grinding and uncertainty, which he considers a natural part of the journey. He shared, “A few years of grinding, and many people didn’t think the show would carry on. In the end, and towards the middle of the run, we experienced great success.”

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Doubts and Endorsements: The Lonely Path

One of the revealing aspects of Noah’s interview was his candid admission of feeling lonely during his early years as host. He attributed this loneliness to his status as an outsider when he first took the helm of “The Daily Show.” People raised concerns, even about his accent. He recalled that fellow comedian Kevin Hart played a pivotal role in supporting him during this challenging period. Noah stated, “Kevin came; he was the first guest on my show. He put his neck on the line there… I will always be grateful to this guy. I couldn’t get a single guest on my show when we were starting. People were just like ‘we’re not coming, we’re not going to take a chance with this guy’.”

Noah’s New Podcast: A Platform for Exploration

In addition to reflecting on his past experiences, Trevor Noah also revealed his aspirations for the future. He is currently on a South African comedy tour, reconnecting with his roots, and working on a new podcast. The podcast, according to Noah, is intended to be a platform where he can discuss topics he is passionate about, ranging from current affairs to deep philosophical discussions. He also intends to invite a diverse range of guests, from Kerry Washington to Bill Gates, to engage in meaningful conversations.

“It’s about everything I love. From current affairs to topics that take us into philosophy and then talking to people I love. From Kerry Washington to Bill Gates, just anyone who wants to talk,” he said.

Trevor Noah’s candid interview provides valuable insights into his journey as the host of “The Daily Show,” emphasizing the challenges he faced and the support he received from individuals like Kevin Hart. His new podcast project promises to be a space for diverse and engaging conversations on a wide range of topics, showcasing his continued commitment to meaningful and thought-provoking content.

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