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Trial of Mamelodi Businessman and Accomplices Resumes in Pretoria

Wandile Bozwana latest

The high-profile trial concerning the murder of businessman Wandile Bozwana is set to continue in the high court in Pretoria. Bozwana met his tragic end in October 2015, ambushed in a barrage of gunfire on the Garsfontein offramp, east of Pretoria. At the time of the incident, he was accompanied by business associate Mpho Baloyi, who fortunately survived the attack.

Bozwana was killed in a hail of bullets on the Garsfontein offramp, east of Pretoria in October 2015. He was with a business partner Mpho Baloyi who survived.

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The Accused and Their Convictions

The trial, which commenced in 2017, saw the conviction of four individuals in June of the preceding year. The accused include Mamelodi businessman Vusi ‘Khekhe’ Mathibela, often dubbed as Number 1 Tsotsi, along with Sipho Patrick Hudla, Robert Mutapa, and Bonginkosi Paul Khumalo.

In June 2022, controversial Mamelodi businessman Vusi ‘’Khakhe’’ Mathibela, Sipho Hudla, Robert Mutapa and Bongani Khumalo were convicted for the 2015 murder of Wandile.

Judge Papi Mosopa of the Gauteng High Court further found the quartet guilty of the attempted murder of Mpho Baloyi and the illegal possession of firearms and ammunition. The convictions were largely based on the cellphone records of the deceased, Wandile, and confessions from Mathibela’s three co-accused. Notably, records from Vusi’s phone revealed that he had communicated with Khumalo on nine occasions shortly after the arrests of Mutapa and Hudla, roughly a month post the assassination of Wandile.

Delays and Upcoming Proceedings

The trial, which has spanned several years, has not been without its challenges, having experienced numerous delays. The court is set to hear the case from the 22nd to the 25th of August, during which the convicted parties will present evidence in mitigation of their sentences.

Concerns Over Mathibela’s Mental Health

In a twist during the trial proceedings in December of the previous year, a clinical psychologist presented a report to the North Gauteng High Court. The report highlighted that Mathibela exhibited signs of major depression, suggesting the need for therapeutic intervention.

During one of the trial proceedings in December last year, a clinical psychologist… told the North Gauteng High Court that Mathibela presented symptoms of major depression and would require therapeutic intervention.

As the trial resumes, the nation watches closely, awaiting the final chapter in this prolonged legal battle.

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