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Humanitarian Aid Begins Entry into Gaza via Rafah Crossing

Humanitarian Aid Begins Entry into Gaza via Rafah Crossing Latest News

On Saturday, vehicles laden with humanitarian aid destined for the conflict-ridden Gaza Strip began their journey through the Rafah border crossing from Egypt, as confirmed by a security insider and an official from the Egyptian Red Crescent.

Egypt’s national broadcaster aired footage of multiple trucks making their way into the border gate. This comes amidst the ongoing conflict, now on its 15th day, between Israel and Hamas, the governing body of the Palestinian territory that is home to approximately 2.4 million residents.

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The recent escalation in violence began with a sudden and intense assault by Hamas on October 7, where they infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip. Israeli authorities have reported that this initial onslaught resulted in the tragic deaths of around 1,400 individuals, a majority of whom were civilians. These individuals faced horrifying ends, either through gunfire, physical mutilation, or being set alight. Additionally, over 200 individuals were taken captive during this period.

In response to these events, Israel has imposed a comprehensive blockade on Gaza, severing its access to essential resources such as water, electricity, fuel, and food, leading to severe shortages.

The Rafah crossing stands out as the singular entry point into Gaza not under Israeli jurisdiction. Following an appeal from its principal ally, the United States, Israel consented to the transportation of aid via Egypt.

A correspondent from AFP reported that twenty trucks representing the Egyptian Red Crescent, tasked with distributing aid from multiple United Nations agencies, made their way into the Egyptian terminal. Another AFP reporter stationed on the Palestinian side of the border observed 36 vacant trailers entering the terminal, set to proceed to the Egyptian side to collect the incoming aid. Additionally, the terminal saw the arrival of four ambulances, two vehicles each from the United Nations and the Red Cross.

While cargo planes and trucks have been transporting humanitarian supplies to the Egyptian section of Rafah for several days, this marks the first instance of aid being relayed to Gaza.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, during his visit to the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing on Friday, emphasized the gravity of the aid delivery.

“These trucks are not just trucks, they are a lifeline,” he remarked. “They are the difference between life and death for so many people in Gaza.”


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