Wednesday, 27 March, 2024

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Electoral Commission Gears Up for Election Season

Electoral Commission Gears Up for Election Season

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has expressed its approval following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of the forthcoming election date, calling on the nation’s eligible voters to ensure their registration by the imminent deadline this Friday.

In a move that marks a critical phase in South Africa’s democratic process, President Ramaphosa has earmarked the 29th of May for the elections. The IEC, in response, has pledged to exhaust all avenues in readiness for the event, emphasizing its dedication to facilitating a seamless and successful election day in 2024.

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With preparations in full swing, the IEC highlighted its accomplishments in boosting voter registration through two exceptionally successful weekends dedicated to this purpose, supplemented by a comprehensive online campaign and local initiatives. These efforts have culminated in an impressive total of 27.6 million registered voters. However, the Commission notes that the window for registration remains open until the close of business this Friday for those yet to register.

“The commission reminds South Africans that, while the date has been set and announced, eligible voters have until February 23 to register. The date is the anticipated day of the proclamation of the election date,” stated the IEC.

Following the closure of the registration period this Friday, the next step involves the formal proclamation and gazetting of the election date. Subsequently, the IEC will release the election timetable in the Government Gazette, following consultations with the national party liaison committee. This schedule will outline critical dates, including deadlines for political parties to submit their candidate nominations for positions in parliament and provincial legislatures.

The IEC further advised on the fundamental principle governing the electoral process:

“The commission reminds eligible voters of the general rule in elections. That is, a person must register where they live and vote at the voting station where they are registered. The only exception to the rule is that a voter may vote outside the voting district of registration upon notifying the commission by a date to be regulated by the timetable.”

Voter Registration at a Glance:

Total Registered Voters Registration Deadline Election Date
27.6 million February 23 May 29, 2024

As the nation advances towards this significant democratic milestone, the IEC’s efforts to streamline the electoral process reflect a commitment to upholding the integrity and accessibility of voting, ensuring every eligible South African can exercise their right to vote.

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