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South Africa’s Response to the Israel-Palestine Conflict

South Africa Response to the Israel-Palestine Conflict Latest News

In light of the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine, President Cyril Ramaphosa has declared intentions to evacuate South African nationals caught in the crossfire. The president expressed deep concern over the worsening conditions South Africans are enduring in both nations.

The State Security Agency, in conjunction with Defence Intelligence, is closely observing the rapidly changing situation.

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During a recent ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) gathering in Gauteng, Ramaphosa revealed that several Middle Eastern nations have approached South Africa for humanitarian assistance for Gaza. The region has been grappling with a severe shortage of essentials, including water, food, and electricity, for the past week.

β€œAs an organisation and people who have resisted the oppressive apartheid regime, we stand in unity with the Palestinian people. The ANC has consistently voiced its support and believes that a two-state solution is the only viable resolution, especially concerning the Palestine issue,” stated the president.

The ANC’s NEC meeting saw members donning black attire and Palestinian scarves, symbolising their solidarity with Palestine. The committee expressed their disapproval of Israel’s decision to relocate approximately 1.1 million residents from northern Gaza to the southern region, likening this move to acts of genocide.

South Africa has voiced its readiness to be part of any peace initiatives aimed at finding a solution to the Israel-Palestine dispute. The nation has also appealed for global intervention to halt the ongoing violence.

Highlighting the pressing need for humanitarian pathways to ensure the delivery of vital supplies and the restoration of power in Gaza, Ramaphosa also voiced apprehensions about the conflict’s potential to widen its scope, drawing in more nations, especially considering the existing tensions in regions like Africa and Ukraine.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time South Africa has undertaken evacuation missions; the nation has previously conducted similar operations in Sudan.

The ANC, while expressing its unwavering support for Palestine amidst the current strife with Israel, also took a moment to acknowledge the loss of life on both sides. The party’s call for a two-state solution was reiterated, urging the global community to intervene and prevent further humanitarian crises.

The conflict’s potential to expand and encompass a larger geographical area has raised alarms, with the ANC foreseeing possible evacuations of South Africans from the affected regions. Tragically, the conflict has already claimed the lives of two South Africans. The ongoing NEC meeting is expected to wrap up shortly.

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