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Burkina Faso Thwarts Alleged Coup Attempt

Burkina Faso Thwarts Alleged Coup Attempt Latest News

Burkina Faso’s ruling military regime announced on Tuesday that they successfully intercepted an attempted coup by certain military officers and individuals. This comes nearly a year after Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the current interim President, took control of the nation.

The junta’s official statement, broadcasted on national television, mentioned that these individuals aimed “to undermine the institutions of the republic and thrust our nation into turmoil,” as reported by Reuters.

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While the statement confirmed arrests in connection to the alleged coup, it did not provide detailed information regarding the number or identities of those detained.

Recent murmurs of dissatisfaction within the military ranks have been circulating. This Tuesday, these whispers escalated into palpable tension, prompting hundreds to march through the streets of Ouagadougou, the capital, expressing their support for the ruling junta.

In a related development, the Burkina Faso authorities have temporarily halted the operations of the French-language news outlet, Jeune Afrique. The magazine stands accused of releasing content that undermines the credibility of the armed forces.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the present administration assumed its position last September, marking the second change in power through a coup within a span of eight months.

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