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ANC Veterans League Vows to Persist in Anti-Corruption Efforts


Defying Resignation, ANCVL President Stresses Commitment to Renewal

Despite the resignation of Deputy Mavuso Msimang, the African National Congress Veterans League (ANCVL) remains resolute in its fight against corruption within the ANC. ANCVL President Snuki Zikalala emphasized that combating corruption is integral to the party’s renewal.

Dismay Over ANC Secretary-General’s Remarks

Zikalala expressed dismay over comments made by ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula, who accused the veterans of undermining the ANC with their anti-corruption stance. Zikalala dismissed these allegations and reiterated the league’s unwavering commitment to tackling corruption.

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“If the ANC wanted to be renewed, they need to start with corruption. The test for the ANC is in the selection of candidates to contest elections in Parliament and provincial legislatures.”

Renewal Through Action Against Corruption

The ANCVL, at its previous conference, adopted a resolution calling for decisive action against individuals implicated in corruption scandals, particularly those identified by the Zondo Commission. Zikalala emphasized that addressing corruption within the ANC is crucial for the party’s legitimacy.

Msimang’s Resignation and Anti-Corruption Stand

Msimang, in his resignation letter, highlighted the pervasive nature of corruption in the government, posing a threat to the economy. Zikalala affirmed that the league will persist in addressing corruption issues internally and engaging in the candidate selection process at provincial and national levels.

“We reject the allegations that by doing this, we are undermining the ANC. We believe this is the only path to renew the ANC and restore the legitimacy of the ANC in the eyes of the people.”

In conclusion, Zikalala dismissed Mbalula’s accusations, emphasizing that the ANCVL’s efforts are aimed at revitalizing the ANC and regaining public trust.

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