Sunday, 31 March, 2024

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Eskom’s Kusile Power Station Achieves Early Unit 2 Return

Kusile Power station

In a positive development, Eskom has confirmed the early return to service of Kusile power station unit 2, two days ahead of schedule. This announcement follows the successful return of unit 1 a month and a half earlier in October, both contributing an additional 800 MW to the grid.

Power Boost and Operational Recovery

Eskom spokesperson Daphne Mokwena highlighted that the synchronization of unit 2 to the grid marks a significant achievement in the Eskom Generation Operational Recovery Plan. This plan aims to increase the energy availability factor to 70% by March 2025.

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“This marks another significant milestone in the Eskom Generation Operational Recovery Plan, which aims at increasing the energy availability factor to 70% by March 2025.”

With the return of unit 2, the total contribution to the grid from the additional three units, including unit 3 brought back in service on September 30, amounts to 2,400 MW. Collectively, Kusile power station will generate 3,200 MW, providing a substantial reduction in the likelihood of load shedding.

Acknowledging Team Dedication

Expressing appreciation for the achievement, Mokwena acknowledged the dedication and commitment of the Kusile team in exceeding expectations and delivering much-needed megawatts to South Africans ahead of the planned schedule.

“Eskom would like to thank the Kusile team for their dedication and commitment in bringing back the much-needed megawatts to the South Africans earlier than planned.”

Load Shedding Amidst Progress

However, despite this positive development, Eskom announced a necessary increase in load shedding from Stage 4 to Stage 6 from 8 pm on Tuesday. This move aims to replenish the power utility’s emergency reserves, reflecting the ongoing challenges in maintaining a stable power supply.

In conclusion, Eskom’s successful early return of Kusile power station unit 2 represents a significant step forward in the operational recovery plan. While progress is evident, challenges persist, as reflected in the temporary increase in load shedding to address emergency reserve concerns.

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