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Lebo M Announces Divorce, Citing Strained Relations Over Electronic Signature

Music composer Lebohang “Lebo M” Morake recently announced he’s getting a divorce from his wife, Pretty Samuels-Morake, after 18 months of marriage. The composer initially refrained from detailing the reasons for the separation but later disclosed that a disagreement about the possession of his electronic signature had escalated tensions between the two.

The Significance of an Electronic Signature

Morake elaborated that when he requested his estranged wife delete his electronic signature from her devices, it led to an argument. According to a media statement released by Morake, the altercation was exacerbated by Samuels-Morake’s hesitance to sign a sworn affidavit confirming that she had, in fact, deleted the signature. Under pressure, she eventually complied and signed the affidavit.

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The digital signature is a notable point of contention, as it serves as a legally binding indicator of consent or approval. The reluctance to willingly delete it raises questions about trust and boundaries within the marriage.

Divorce Narratives Vary

While Morake has been vocal about the divorce proceedings, Pretty Samuels-Morake has conveyed a different perspective. Responding to a query on her Instagram account about the recurring “Mrs M” caption, she affirmed that she still considers herself to be “Mrs M.”

Unpacking of Belongings Reveals More

In a recent interview with TshisaLive, Morake divulged additional factors that strained the relationship. When he asked his assistant to pack Samuels-Morake’s belongings, the assistant found traditional medicines, about which Morake claims he had no prior knowledge. “This thing freaked me out. It’s shocking that all this time I am staying with a person who is using these things without my knowledge,” Morake stated.

The Return of the Mercedes-Benz

Further adding complexity to the separation, Morake confirmed that his estranged wife returned his Mercedes-Benz, which she had left in an underground parking lot at Nicolway Bryanston. “The tracker was taken out in February. When the car disappeared there was no tracker,” Morake noted, citing his obligation as a citizen to inform the police.

Samuels-Morake Declines Further Comment

For her part, Samuels-Morake has chosen to remain largely silent on these developments. In a statement to TshisaLive, she mentioned that she would not engage in a “mediocre media smear campaign.” “As a wife, I will not be drawn to defend or comment any further on my and my families’ private affairs as I respect both the Morake and Samuels families,” she said.

As the divorce unfolds, both parties have presented differing narratives, replete with layers of complexity that extend from digital trust to traditional medicine. The situation has thus proven to be more multifaceted than initially apparent, involving not just marital discord but also broader issues of trust, privacy, and cultural understanding.

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