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Bryoni Govender: South Africa’s Miss Universe Hopeful


September 14, 2023

In a moment of excitement and determination, Bryoni Govender, the runner-up of Miss South Africa, is preparing herself to represent the nation at the upcoming Miss Universe pageant. This news comes after the announcement that the reigning Miss South Africa, Natasha Joubert, cannot compete due to her previous participation in the 2020 edition. Bryoni Govender was officially selected as South Africa’s representative for Miss Universe shortly after the Miss South Africa pageant held in August, marking a significant moment in her journey. Let’s delve deeper into this story, examining Bryoni’s background, her aspirations, and her commitment to advancing gender equality.

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A Historic Representation

Bryoni Govender, a law graduate, is set to make history as the first person of Indian heritage to represent South Africa at the Miss Universe pageant since 1997. Back then, Kerishnie Naiker, the winner of Miss South Africa 1997, earned a spot in the Top 10 of the Miss Universe competition in 1998. This historical context adds weight to Bryoni’s journey and showcases the diversity and inclusivity within South Africa’s pageant scene.

Bryoni’s Aspirations

Upon learning of her selection, Bryoni expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming Miss Universe journey. She emphasized her belief that being different is a superpower, underscoring her unique background as an asset. In her own words, “I have always believed that being different is a superpower, and becoming the second South African of Indian descent to represent our beautiful country on the international stage is a testament to that fact.” This statement reflects her determination to make her mark on the global stage and uphold South Africa’s reputation.

Advocating for Gender Equality

Beyond her pursuit of the Miss Universe crown, Bryoni Govender is committed to advocating for gender equality in South Africa. She outlined her advocacy goals, which include addressing and eliminating gaps in women’s empowerment. Her approach involves the implementation of mentorship programs, with a focus on business and leadership courses, entrepreneurial and job training initiatives, and skills development training programs for girls and women at secondary to post-tertiary education levels. Bryoni’s commitment to empowering women aligns with a broader movement towards gender equality and the upliftment of South African women in various aspects of society.


Bryoni Govender’s journey to represent South Africa at the Miss Universe pageant is marked by enthusiasm, a historic milestone, and a strong commitment to advancing gender equality. As she prepares for this prestigious competition, her dedication to empowering women through mentorship and skills development programs showcases her determination to make a positive impact on her country and the world. South Africa eagerly anticipates Bryoni’s performance on the international stage, where she will not only represent the nation but also stand as an advocate for positive change.

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