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Guide to DStv South Africa’s Packages, Channels, and Pricing for 2023

Looking for an array of TV channels right in your living room? DStv South Africa has you covered. With a selection of over 150 channels, DStv offers something for everyone, from live sports and reality TV to gripping telenovelas. But how do you pick the perfect package for your needs, given the variety of options available? Let’s delve into the offerings and what makes each unique.

What’s New: DStv Explora Ultra Decoder

DStv continually brings something fresh to the table. Take, for instance, their new Explora Ultra Decoder. This sleek device can record up to 220 hours of content and even categorizes your recordings for you. Plus, it’s compatible with third-party apps.

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Package Details and Costs for 2023

DStv aims to deliver a personalized and family-friendly viewing experience. Costs and channels will differ based on which Explora package you opt for. Make sure to review the list of channels before subscribing to ensure it aligns with your interests.

Monthly Costs for DStv Explora Users

There’s no distinction in monthly costs between old and new decoder models. You pay the same rate, regardless of the model you own.

Available Packages and Inclusions

Package Monthly Cost Channel Count
Premium R799 154
Compact Plus R519 140
Compact R409 123
Family R299 92
Access R99 72
EasyView R29 36

Navigating DStv’s Channel Offerings

DStv’s expansive channel selection spans sports, news, movies, kids’ content, and more. You can compare packages to find your perfect match and even set reminders for your favorite programs using the DStv Guide on your TV remote.

How To: Auto Channel Switch

If you’re watching another channel when your scheduled program begins, your DStv decoder will automatically switch you to the correct channel.

Featured Packages

1. DStv Premium – R799/month

  • Highlights: 95+ audio channels, 15+ sports channels, 10+ kids channels, 60+ entertainment channels.
  • Notable Channels: M-Net, 1Magic, BBC Brit, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Cartoon Network, BBC World News, etc.

2. DStv Compact Plus – R519/month

  • Highlights: 95+ audio channels, 8+ sports channels, 10+ kids channels, 45+ entertainment channels.
  • Notable Channels: 1Magic, BBC Brit, Comedy Central, TNT Africa, National Geographic, Disney, CNN International, etc.

3. DStv Compact – R409/month

  • Highlights: 7+ sports channels, 8+ kids channels, 45+ entertainment channels.
  • Notable Channels: BBC Brit, E! Entertainment Television, National Geographic, Novela Magic, ZEE World, Cartoon Network, etc.

Installation and Setup

Before you enjoy the extensive range of entertainment options DStv has to offer, you need to get your setup in place. You can purchase a DStv decoder and opt for a one-month subscription to kickstart the process. A professional technician near your location or Multichoice’s accredited experts can handle the installation. For additional help, you can reach out to DStv agencies.

Ownership and Decoder Replacement

Changing the ownership of a DStv decoder involves a few steps. Start by downloading the ‘DStv Change of Ownership’ form from their official website. Fill out the form, attach the required documents, and send them via email to or fax to 011 577 4901. You can also drop these documents at a MultiChoice Service Centre or Agency. If you’re considering a second-hand decoder, be cautious; older models nearing the end of their lifecycle can’t be fixed or replaced by DStv.

Decoder-Free Viewing in 2023

In 2023, you don’t necessarily need a physical decoder to enjoy DStv. The DStv app allows you to stream channels that are part of your subscription package. The app is compatible with various platforms, including iOS and Android devices—phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and even gaming consoles.

Subscription and Payment

DStv ensures you are notified before your monthly subscription ends. To check your balance, log into your DStv account and click on ‘View My Balance’ under the ‘My Account’ section. Various payment methods will be displayed for your convenience.

Music Streaming with JOOX VIP

For South African subscribers interested in music, DStv provides free access to JOOX VIP when you opt for Premium, Compact, or Compact Plus packages. To enable this feature, download the JOOX app and navigate to JOOX VIP. Select ‘DStv customer’ and enter your ID number. You’ll receive a one-time pin (OTP) that you’ll input into the JOOX app to unlock access to millions of tracks.

DStv Price Lock

MultiChoice offers Price Lock, a fixed long-term contract that protects you from interest and additional finance charges. The amount you save depends on your selected package and contract duration. For example, if you choose the DStv Compact Plus for two years, you’ll pay the current rate and will not be subject to price increases during that period. Price Lock contracts also offer a Showmax discount.

Discounts and Special Offers

Previously, DStv offered discounts to pensioners but discontinued the program due to misuse. However, they offer commercial subscriptions to retirement villages. Employed individuals can avail themselves of discounts by opting for an annual subscription.

Catch Up and Packages

DStv Catch Up is a feature that allows you to save your favorite shows for later viewing at no extra cost. You’ll only have access to channels included in your subscription package.

DStv offers six main packages in South Africa: Premium, Family, Compact, Compact Plus, Access, and EasyView. To check your current package, sign in or create an account on the DStv website using your smart card number. After registering, your package details will be visible on your account profile.

For further inquiries, DStv provides various self-service alternatives and contact details for your convenience.

This guide should help you make an informed decision about which DStv package suits you best for 2023.

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