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The Rugby World Cup: General sentiments going into the quarter finals

Who are the favourites to win the Rugby World Cup

The favourites to win the Rugby World Cup according to the bookmakers are as follows:

  • Ireland: Odds ranging from 11/4 to 3
  • France: Odds ranging from 11/4 to 3
  • South Africa: Odds ranging from 7/2 to 10/3
  • New Zealand: Odds ranging from 7/2 to 4
  • England: Odds ranging from 11 to 14
  • Wales: Odds ranging from 18 to 25
  • Argentina: Odds ranging from 40 to 62
  • Fiji: Odds ranging from 40 to 80

These odds are subject to change and can vary between different bookmakers. You can check the most current odds and more details on Oddschecker.

Here are some of the recent news and sentiments regarding the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals:

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  1. Ireland’s Fitness Concerns: James Ryan and Mack Hansen of Ireland have fitness doubts as they missed a training session before the crucial quarter-final against New Zealand. Read more
  2. England’s Position: England seems to be content with being perceived as ‘public enemy number one’ going into the quarter-finals.
  3. Wales and Argentina: Dan Biggar is fit to face Argentina, and there’s optimism around other players’ fitness as well.
  4. New Zealand’s Strategy: The All Blacks are expected to bring a different game against Ireland, according to Aaron Smith.
  5. Tier-Two Nations: World Rugby plans to make tier-two nations ‘central’ to their strategy.
  6. England’s Challenge: England faces a significant challenge against Fiji, and Kevin Sinfield warns of the threat Fiji poses to World Cup hopes.
  7. Predictions: Matt Dawson has made some quarter-final predictions, hinting at the possibility of a northern hemisphere shutout.
  8. Ireland’s Approach: Ireland seems to be approaching the ‘do or die’ game against the All Blacks like any other match, according to Luke Kelleher.
  9. France: Antoine Dupont returns to France training before their quarter-final.
  10. Fan and Expert Opinions: Various features, analyses, and comment sections on the website might provide insights into the sentiments of fans and experts alike.

These points provide a glimpse into the current happenings and sentiments around the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals.

Where to find fan discussions of this world cup?

It seems like there’s a variety of discussions happening on the Rugby Union subreddit. Here are a few threads that might contain fan sentiments:

  • Road to the Final: An infographic related to the path to the final in the Rugby World Cup.
  • Rugby World Cup 2023 Daily: Tuesday, October 10: A thread discussing various aspects of the matches on this date.
  • Youtube is also a great source of news to follow the world cup and discuss games with other fans from all nations.

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