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Manchester United’s Antony Denies Abuse Allegations

Manchester United Antony Denies Abuse Allegations Latest News

Manchester United winger Antony has vehemently denied allegations of abuse leveled against him by his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavallin, a DJ and model. Cavallin accused Antony of a series of violent actions, including headbutting her and threatening to push her out of a moving vehicle while she was pregnant.

Antony Responds to Allegations

In a recent interview with Brazilian news outlet SBT, the 23-year-old footballer refuted the allegations, maintaining that he has “never touched a woman” in a violent manner. Antony emphasized his innocence, stating:

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“It’s something that doesn’t cross my mind. I know the truth and it will come out. I know many are butchering me, but the truth always comes out. United are on top of the whole inquiry. They’re following up and they’re going to keep up. I don’t support this ever, It’s totally wrong, 100 percent wrong.

He further expressed his commitment to proving his innocence, mentioning his close relationships with the women in his family as a testament to his character:

“I have a mother, a sister, and I would never want this to happen to them. I’m 100 percent sure I’ve never touched a woman, and I’ll come up with the evidence. People will see the truth. I have never assaulted and I will never assault. I’m sure I’ve never committed physical violence.”

Details of the Alleged Incidents

Cavallin claimed that during a heated argument, Antony headbutted her. Responding to this, Antony recounted the event differently, noting that while they did have an argument where Cavallin became irritated and broke glasses and plates, he did not headbutt her. He said:

“At no time did I touch her. I’m never going to headbutt a person. She was in a hotel and texted me. I went to her hotel and we had lunch together normally. But there was one thing that irritated her, which was when I said I needed to go because I had my commitments.”

Addressing the accusation of threatening to throw her out of a moving car while she was pregnant, Antony denied the claim, stating that Cavallin was the one who threatened to end his life and career during the car ride, and he did not lay hands on her.

Investigation Underway

As the allegations continue to unfold, two other women have come forward with claims against Antony. Consequently, he was removed from the Brazil national team squad before their recent 5-1 victory over Bolivia. Authorities in both São Paulo and Manchester are currently investigating the allegations.

This controversy emerges amidst a period of scrutiny for Manchester United, who are facing criticism over their handling of another player, Mason Greenwood, and a public disagreement between head coach Erik ten Hag and player Jadon Sancho following a 3-1 loss to Arsenal.

Antony assured that he would be seeking legal counsel to address the allegations formally, stating:

“I’m going to contact my lawyers and they’re going to put all of this into the inquiry.”

As the inquiry progresses, all eyes will be on the unfolding developments, with many hoping for a just resolution to the serious allegations at hand. It remains imperative for all parties involved to adhere to the principles of truth, justice, and fairness as the investigations continue.

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