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Erling Haaland Clinches PFA Award After Stellar Debut at Manchester City

Erling Haaland Clinches PFA Award After Stellar Debut at Manchester City Latest

In the lead-up to his Premier League debut with Manchester City, Erling Haaland shared some insights with Alan Shearer, revealing that Haaland said;

You have to go into the game hungry. It doesn’t matter what happened before, if you scored three goals, if you scored zero goals, if you haven’t scored in a while.

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This hunger was evident throughout his debut season. Haaland netted an impressive 52 goals in 53 games, showcasing his unwavering motivation and readiness to strike, regardless of past performances.

Haaland’s Achievements Galore

Haaland’s inaugural season in England was nothing short of spectacular. He played a pivotal role in Manchester City’s Premier League title win, their FA Cup victory, and their long-awaited Champions League triumph. His individual accolades include the Golden Boot, with a record-breaking 36 goals, the highest in the league’s 31-year history. To cap it all off, he was awarded the Men’s PFA Players’ Player of the Year.

Initial Skepticism and a Stellar Comeback

Despite his prowess, Haaland’s start in English football wasn’t smooth. His debut in the Community Shield against Liverpool saw him miss significant opportunities. Doubts arose about his ability to replicate his success from Borussia Dortmund and Red Bull Salzburg in the Premier League.

Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero commented, He was too used to Germany. Haaland thought he was alone, then Virgil van Dijk arrived and said, ‘Welcome to the Premier League’.

However, Haaland silenced critics by scoring twice against West Ham the following week, showcasing his agility, speed, and impeccable finishing.

A Refreshing Presence in the Premier League

While the Premier League has recently been dominated by wide and deep-lying forwards, Haaland’s style is reminiscent of traditional strikers. His consistent goal-scoring added an element of anticipation to every City match. In a game against RB Leipzig, he netted five goals, hinting at the possibility of making Champions League history had he not been substituted.

Haaland is Breaking Records with Ease

Haaland’s statistics are staggering. He averaged a goal every 77 minutes in both the Premier League and Champions League. His 36 Premier League goals broke a 28-year-old record, and he achieved this in fewer games than previous record holders.

By October, he had set a new record for the fastest three Premier League hat-tricks, and by February, he surpassed Aguero’s record for most goals in a Premier League season for City.

Peter Crouch remarked,

It is just getting silly now, even his team-mates look slightly embarrassed every time he scores. It’s slightly embarrassing when we talk about stats and records, he’s breaking them all the time, it is ridiculous.

The Man Behind the Goals

Haaland’s success isn’t just due to natural talent. His meticulous daily routine, from diet to sleep, plays a significant role. Consuming around 6,000 calories daily, Haaland’s diet includes unique items like cow hearts and chicken livers, along with his favorite Norwegian salmon. He’s also particular about hydration, often referring to milk as “my magic potion”. Prioritizing sleep, Haaland uses tools like the Oura ring to monitor his sleep quality.

A Promising Future

At just 23, with his dedication and the support of a talented Manchester City squad, Haaland’s potential seems limitless. He began the current season with a goal against Burnley and has already scored three times in three games. With Manchester City’s strong start, it’s evident that Haaland’s influence will be pivotal in their title defense. As he continues to break records and win accolades, the football world eagerly awaits what’s next for this striking sensation.

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