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Trevor Noah’s Upcoming Spotify Podcast to Debut on November 9

Trevor Noah's Upcoming Spotify Podcast to Debut on November 9

Trevor Noah, the renowned South African comedian and host of “The Daily Show,” is set to venture into the world of podcasting with the debut of his new show, “What Now?” on November 9. The podcast, which was first announced in June, promises in-depth and free-wheeling conversations with influential and intriguing personalities from around the globe.

A Podcasting Adventure with Spotify

Trevor Noah’s foray into podcasting is in partnership with Spotify, a global music streaming and podcast platform. Spotify’s enterprise podcast platform, Megaphone, is hosting and distributing the series, and Spotify will serve as the exclusive sales partner. This collaboration marks a significant step in Trevor’s career, and it’s one that has both him and Spotify buzzing with excitement.

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In Trevor’s words, “It’s exciting to be joining Spotify on a fun new adventure where we’ll engage in interesting and meaningful conversations with some of the world’s most fascinating people. We’ll also probably fix every single issue humankind has ever faced, so you definitely want to join us for every episode.”

A Global Reach for Distinctive Storytelling

Julie McNamara, the Vice President of Global Podcast Studios at Spotify, expressed her enthusiasm for this unique partnership, recognizing Trevor Noah’s distinctive storytelling abilities and their potential to captivate a vast audience.

“Trevor was one of the distinctive voices for captivating storytelling for the 100 million podcast listeners on their platform. We are excited to collaborate with Trevor to create an original podcast that seamlessly combines his unique humor, insightful commentary, and consummate interview skills on a global scale,” she said.

What Now? – A Podcast to Look Forward To

Noah’s podcast debut has garnered substantial attention and anticipation, and fans and listeners worldwide are looking forward to the show’s launch on November 9. As the debut approaches, the question arises – what can audiences expect from “What Now?” Will it live up to the high expectations set by Trevor Noah’s established reputation for sharp humor and insightful commentary?

While the exact lineup of guests and topics for “What Now?” remains a closely guarded secret, Trevor’s promise of engaging conversations with influential figures from various walks of life suggests a diverse and stimulating range of topics. It’s an exciting prospect for podcast enthusiasts, comedy fans, and anyone seeking an intellectual and entertaining exchange of ideas.

With Trevor Noah’s charisma and unique perspective, paired with Spotify’s extensive podcasting platform, “What Now?” has the potential to make waves in the podcasting world. As the countdown to November 9 continues, listeners worldwide are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Trevor Noah’s podcast, anticipating that it will be yet another triumph in his already illustrious career.

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