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Redefining Midlife: Lynn Forbes and Katie Mohamed’s Perspective

Lynn Forbes

In a world often preoccupied with youth and the fleeting allure of early adulthood, Lynn Forbes and Katie Mohamed are embarking on a mission to redefine the notion of a midlife crisis. The South African duo, through their podcast, “Outspoken Owls,” are using their personal experiences to engage in genuine and candid conversations about life as middle-aged women.

A Positive Shift in Perspective

Lynn Forbes, aged 55, believes firmly in leaving a positive influence on the world and reshaping how society perceives middle-aged women. Her journey to challenge the stereotype of a midlife crisis began in August when she launched “Outspoken Owls” alongside her close friend, Katie Mohamed.

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Opportunities Beyond 50

During a recent episode of their podcast, Lynn shared her perspective on what it truly means to experience a midlife crisis. Contrary to the commonly held belief that life slows down after 50, Lynn emphasized that she has encountered more opportunities in her later years.

“They would say life starts at 40, but actually life stopped kind of at 50, and there was not much more to look forward to. Now we find ourselves in a very different position. Older, more mature people have opportunities and have more to look forward to and do. So the crisis is really an opportunity,” she expressed.

Redefining Midlife: A Call for Change

Katie Mohamed echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the need to redefine the term “midlife” for women. She emphasized that this transition should be seen as an opportunity to embrace a new identity as older, more mature women.

“With women, especially, this transition means there’s a new identity for us, like we’ve previously spoken about, as a new identity as an older woman, more mature woman. But that’s not a crisis. It should be refined. We have to find a new term for midlife because it’s purely about, we are actually halfway to the rest of our lives,” Katie remarked.

A Podcast for All Generations

Lynn Forbes explained that the primary goal of their podcast is to foster more conversations about middle-aged women while also appealing to a younger audience. She emphasized her belief in aging gracefully with purpose and creating a positive experience for as long as possible by maintaining fitness and overall well-being.

In a world that often attaches undue negativity to the concept of a midlife crisis, Lynn Forbes and Katie Mohamed’s podcast, “Outspoken Owls,” stands as a refreshing call to redefine middle age as an era of new opportunities, self-discovery, and growth. It reminds us that life’s journey continues to unfold, offering possibilities beyond any age-based stereotypes.

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