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Simz Ngema Advocates for Small Businesses Amidst Ongoing Load Shedding Crisis

Simz Ngema Advocates for Small Businesses Amidst Ongoing Load Shedding Crisis

South African media personality Simz Ngema has raised her voice in support of small businesses grappling with the persistent issue of load shedding in South Africa.

Johannesburg, September 14, 2023 – South African actress and media personality, Simz Ngema, has taken to social media to address the ongoing challenges faced by small businesses in the country due to frequent load shedding. In a video shared on her Instagram timeline, she not only voiced her concerns but also called on the government to take immediate action to resolve the power crisis that continues to plague the nation.

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Citizens Paying for Darkness

In her video message, Ngema expressed her frustration, emphasizing the need for a serious dialogue surrounding this issue. She questioned the government’s response to the ongoing electricity crisis, highlighting the fact that citizens are still paying for electricity despite enduring frequent power cuts.

“What is our government doing to solve this electricity crisis?” Ngema questioned. “It’s time for the government to step up and address the issues of the country.”

Personal Experience Fuels Advocacy

Ngema shared a personal experience to illustrate the impact of load shedding on small businesses. She recounted visiting a friend’s salon during a power outage and witnessing the struggles her friend faced in obtaining fuel for a generator.

“I went to my friend’s salon to do my hair, and it was load shedding,” Ngema narrated. “I watched him struggle to get fuel for his generator. This is somebody that has made a plan to make a living for himself; he’s not waiting for opportunities from the government, yet the government is failing him.”

Call for Government Accountability

The actress stressed her disappointment in the government’s priorities, particularly in relation to load shedding. She expressed concern that while the government is active in political campaigning, it fails to provide concrete solutions and hope to its citizens.

“The government is more interested in campaigning and telling us that load-shedding will be over next year, but they are not making sensible statements to show us and give us hope that indeed this is going to happen, there is going to be a solution,” Ngema remarked. “All we want is for the government to supply citizens with electricity they paid for… These conversations are draining, but we need to hold our government accountable.”

Public Support and Studies

Ngema’s video struck a chord with many of her followers, who echoed her sentiments and called for collective action to bring about change.

According to a report by The South African, several studies have documented the adverse impact of load shedding on small businesses in South Africa. The ‘Impact of Load Shedding on Small Businesses in the Township Economy 2023 Report’ revealed that 64% of small businesses are forced to halt their operations during load shedding, further underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue.

As South Africa grapples with the ongoing challenge of load shedding, the voice of public figures like Simz Ngema serves as a reminder of the critical need for accountability and solutions to ensure the well-being of the nation’s small businesses and citizens alike.

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