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Cash in Transit Heist Suspects Killed in Dramatic Shootout

Cash in Transit Heist Suspects Killed in Dramatic Shootout with Police

In a dramatic confrontation in Durban over the weekend, two individuals connected with a spate of cash-in-transit (CIT) robberies across provinces met their end in a fierce gunfight with law enforcement officers.

Identified by the South African Police Service (SAPS) as high-priority targets, these suspects were implicated not only in CIT heists but also in residential burglaries and assaults on farms, according to Colonel Robert Netshiunda, a spokesperson for the police.

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The incident, which escalated into a violent exchange of gunfire, occurred in Verulam on the North Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The operation involved members of private security firms alongside the Directorate for Priority Crimes Investigation.

These individuals were reportedly part of a collective that had previously attempted a CIT robbery back in 2019. Their detection by police forces led to an immediate and deadly confrontation.

“Upon noticing the presence of police, the suspects started firing shots at the men of law. Police retaliated and a shoot-out ensued,” Netshiunda recounted.

He further detailed the aftermath of the confrontation, stating,

“After the shoot-out, two suspects were found to have sustained fatal gunshot wounds. One suspect narrowly evaded arrest and fled from the scene in possession of a rifle. A manhunt in search for him is already under way.”

This incident comes in the wake of Police Minister Bheki Cele’s announcement during the quarterly crime statistics briefing on Friday. Cele pointed out the significant strides made in combating CIT heists, with 46 incidents reported from October to December. Additionally, over the past year, more than 75 individuals wanted for their involvement in CIT heists have been apprehended.

In these operations, authorities have confiscated high-caliber weaponry and vehicles implicated in the commission of these crimes, marking a substantial blow to the networks behind these audacious and often violent heists.

This recent shootout underscores the ongoing challenges and risks faced by law enforcement and security personnel in curbing the tide of organized crime, particularly those targeting cash-in-transit vehicles. The dedication to dismantling these criminal enterprises remains unwavering, as evidenced by the continued efforts to track down and apprehend those who pose a significant threat to public safety and security.

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