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Fatima Sydow’s Courageous Battle with Cancer

Fatima Sydow's Courageous Battle with Cancer Latest

Prominent South African chef, author, and television personality, Fatima Sydow, 49, hailing from Lansdowne, Cape Town, has openly chronicled her fight against Soft Tissue Sarcoma since her diagnosis in December 2020.

This ordeal has pushed the boundaries of her fortitude, subjecting her to a rigorous series of medical treatments and surgeries. Each phase has impacted both her physical health and emotional state.

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Throughout this period, Sydow has experienced highs and lows, persistently fighting against formidable challenges.

On August 18, 2023, faced with the reality of her inability to continue working and the mounting pressures of her health battle, Sydow made an appeal to her followers. She initiated a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to seek financial support.

This candid plea was met with an outpouring of compassion. In response, over 1,000 contributors rallied, amassing R725,000 of the R750,000 goal.

With the funds raised, Sydow can now channel her energies solely on her recovery, alleviating the stresses of work and financial constraints.

This monetary support will be instrumental in addressing her primary needs: covering medical expenses, ensuring at-home care, and facilitating the acquisition of a hospital bed for her impending home care. Additionally, it will cater to her ongoing necessities, such as tailored dietary requirements, weekly commutes to the hospital, and other vital needs to enhance her overall well-being.

The wave of support has profoundly moved both Sydow and her loved ones, highlighting the profound impact of collective compassion and the tenacity required to overcome life’s adversities.

In a touching video shared on her YouTube channel on September 13, Sydow conveyed her appreciation to those who have rallied behind her on BackaBuddy:

“The support I’ve received has shown me the humanity of our community and the love we have for each other, our culture, our people, our city, and our country. I am so grateful; you have carried me through this journey more than you realise. You’ve done so much. Thank you; I love you all,” Sydow remarked.

To learn more or to contribute to Sydow’s cause, one can visit BackaBuddy:

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