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Presidential Youth Employment Initiative Extends Training Deadline

The Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI), a key component of South Africa’s broader presidential agenda to alleviate unemployment, poverty, and inequality among youth, has extended its deadline for orientation training to February 28, 2023. Targeting young individuals aged 18-35, this initiative is set to provide a wealth of employment opportunities in the nation’s basic education sector.

Job Prospects Through PYEI

The PYEI aims to create 255,100 job positions for young South Africans across all provinces. These contractual positions will last between five and eight months, spanning from February to September 2023. New hires will primarily be placed in schools to assist teachers with varying tasks. Although the job roles are diverse, they all align with the common goal of improving educational quality in the nation. Roles range from administrative functions and data capturing to classroom support.

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You might ask, what exactly will be covered in the job roles? Well, the initiative’s orientation training elaborates on this in its first lesson, detailing the profiles of the jobs available.

Orientation Training by the Department of Basic Education

A crucial part of this initiative is the orientation training developed by the Department of Basic Education (DBE). It’s designed to equip young workers with necessary skills and knowledge that not only aid in performing their roles efficiently but also contribute positively to the school environment. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, conditions of employment, communication strategies, governance policies, and professionalism.

Some may wonder, what’s the benefit of completing this training? Besides acquiring essential knowledge for your immediate role, the training could significantly contribute to your skill set, enhancing your employability for future opportunities.

How to Register for the Extended Training

To take advantage of the extended deadline, prospective applicants can register by logging onto the training portal at PYEI Orientation Training. Once registered, participants will have access to an array of training materials, including instructional videos, quizzes, and interactive elements. Though the training can be completed at one’s own pace, it is advised to finish it prior to the job’s starting date to maximize preparedness and efficiency.

With a multitude of job opportunities in the basic education sector, and a comprehensive training program offered by the DBE, the PYEI presents an invaluable opportunity for South Africa’s youth. It not only aids in skill and experience acquisition but also offers the chance to make meaningful contributions to community development and education in the country. Registering for the orientation training, especially given the extended deadline, is a step toward seizing these opportunities.

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